Condition Monitoring in 10 minutes

20 January 2016

What's the value?

Condition Monitoring (CM) is the process of monitoring data (vibration, acoustic emissions, temperature, etc) from machinery in order to identify changes which may indicate faults.

Condition monitoring project life cycles tend to follow a consistent traditional engineering roadmap from specifying the system through implementation, rollout, training and support.

It is not until the later stages of this road map that value is achieved and an ROI can be demonstrated. This is made even worse by the need for long term data sets and the hope that there are events that occur that the CM solution is designed to identify or forecast.

This is now a project in term of years in many cases and does not fit in to the ‘quick ROI’ cycles of many organisations.

The Condition Monitoring Lifecycle

Below is a typical CM project life cycle, which will be industry recognised.

The Condition Monitoring Lifecycle

Beyond Condition Monitoring

If all of this is slightly daunting, fear-not. Whilst Condition Monitoring is a painfully long and expensive process before it yields results, Senseye helps remove this pain by combining the principles of Condition Monitoring with the latest advances in machine learning, prognostics and artificial intelligence.

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