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04 October 2016

Uptime as a Service is the core of our offering at Senseye; we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of automated diagnostics, condition monitoring and prognostics to help you to reduce unplanned machine downtime and improve your predictive maintenance program. 

We’re convinced that prognostics – the science of telling when your machinery will stop being able to perform useful work is the future of condition monitoring and we’ve put together a FREE White Paper to tell you all about it, our white paper ‘Prognostics, the future of condition monitoring’ will tell you: 

  • What prognostics is and how it can help you
  • How the IoT and Industry 4.0 enable predictive maintenance
  • How to implement a cost-effective prognostics project in three simple steps
  • How to evaluate a prognostics tool


What are you waiting for? Download our free guide to prognostics now!

Download our prognostics white paper

201610_-_White_paper_-_Prognostics_the_future_of_Condition_Monitoring_-_1.png 201610_-_White_paper_-_Prognostics_the_future_of_Condition_Monitoring_-_3.png 201610_-_White_paper_-_Prognostics_the_future_of_Condition_Monitoring_-_4.png




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