Prognostics means Remaining Useful Life

22 November 2016

Prognostics is the science of forecasting when your assets will stop being able to perform their intended functions. It means that you can properly perform predictive maintenance, with the right information and it is undoubtedly the future of condition monitoring

It’s our job to crunch the numbers and to do the maths (or magic!), the output for you and the key reason why prognostics is so exciting is that you get to know the Remaining Useful Life of your machines. 

How it’s done

Prognostics is achieved by understanding the signatures and characteristics of past failures and mapping those to current machine behaviours. The behaviour of machines is recorded from various sensor inputs (ideally using data that you already collect for historical analysis). The ability to capture this information is one of the key reasons that Industry 4.0 (aka the Industrial Internet of Things or Smart Factories) is so exciting.

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Failure trajectory

As in the above diagram, machines operate within a ‘normal band of operation’. When sensor readings start to deviate from normal, this can be an early indication of failure and can be detected as an anomaly. Prognostics calculations work out the trajectories of those anomalies in order to calculate when they will lead to functional failure of the machine being monitored. This can be used to give a Remaining Useful Life of the asset or machine and is why prognostics is so essential for predictive maintenance.

How it’s used

Prognostics can be used on any machinery although it’s best when looking at collections of assets that have strong commonality. It’s a technique that can be used by very good data scientists but we know that to use it at scale, it’s a task best left to large computers, able to run a number of algorithms simultaneously and use Machine Learning to understand which are performing the best. 

Helping Predictive Maintenance

Senseye is a ground-breaking automated condition monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics product that behaves like a ‘data science team in the cloud’, assisting your predictive maintenance team. It forecasts machine failure and helps you to avoid unplanned downtime. Download your free flyer to learn more!

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