2017 - Senseye joins the ThingWorx Marketplace to provide scalable and easy to use predictive maintenance

14 November 2017

Senseye, the scalable predictive maintenance leader, today announced that it has joined the PTC ThingWorx Marketplace™, partnering with PTC to offer predictive maintenance to users of PTC’s leading ThingWorx® industrial innovation platform without the pain of expensive consultants or extensive customization. 

As a ThingWorx Ready product, Senseye is able to connect its leading predictive maintenance software directly with ThingWorx, enabling machine data to flow between the IoT platform and its automated condition monitoring and prognostics software. This allows operations and maintenance managers to be automatically notified of current issues and the remaining useful life of industrial machinery, helping them to avoid unplanned machine downtime. 

“Senseye was designed with interoperability in mind, our collaboration with PTC allows customers to make the most of their existing investments and add Senseye’s award-winning predictive maintenance with ease,” said Simon Kampa, CEO of Senseye. 

Trusted by a number of Fortune 100 companies, Senseye is the leading automated cloud-based condition monitoring and prognostics product. The award-winning software is usable from day one and available as a simple subscription service, enabling customers to rapidly start and expand their predictive maintenance programs. 

To learn more and stop downtime getting you down, visit https://www.senseye.io

Senseye brings predictive maintenance to ThingWorx

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