Senseye released, bringing machine uptime as a service to manufacturers

21 January 2016

Senseye announces the release of their ground-breaking Predictive Maintenance software as a service solution. Senseye helps manufacturers maximize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and save expenses for manufacturing businesses by reducing machine downtime. 

Using the principles of condition monitoring enabled by advanced machine learning and the Internet of Things, Senseye predicts costly failures in machinery months in advance, helping businesses to save money by avoiding downtime.

shutterstock_631751228Senseye works by taking in measurements like vibration, humidity, acoustic emissions and power usage and uses technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict when and how machinery is likely to fail. It’s designed to be affordable for all manufacturers and used with any type of machinery. It’s also entirely cloud-based so there’s nothing to maintain.

Simon Kampa, CEO of Senseye says “We’ve been working hard on developing this complex technology from its origins in Aerospace and Defence to be easy to use and accessible to the manufacturing industry”.

If you’d like to stop downtime getting you down, download our flyer here:  

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