Senseye vs Condition Monitoring

26 January 2016

Senseye is focused in getting to the operational stage as quickly as possible and getting to the ROI evidence in months rather than years. Experience has shown that the most likely things to save money are the simple cases, eg, simple partial counting in oil. In addition, experience shows the things not considered in the first stage of identifying the failure modes are the things that really hurt the business. Senseye turns this on its head, and puts more emphasis on the analytics of the data than the tight specification of the CM functionality.

Consider Senseye as an Agile approach to CM which iterates, learns fast and learns quick, while kicking out useful insights from week one.

Comparison of Traditional Condition Monitoring and Senseye


Traditional CM Project Senseye Equivalent
Identify Failures Model built from data analysis of short and medium term data streams.
Specify Data Focus on the data that is readily available to get the initial evidence for capability. As value is proven, enrich Senseye with more sensors and measures.
Design System There is fundamentally no software design required. The Senseye platform is developed to learn rather than be configured with the analysis and modes of abnormal behavior.
Implement Solution For the user implementation is no harder that the association of sensors to Senseye. If a new data type is made available, we cover this in the on-boarding process. In the case of more detailed on-boarding being required, Senseye Ltd will implement hardware and software middleware solutions as required.
Rollout Rollout is as simple as receiving an email and reading it. Natural language output is key to the way Senseye communicates its findings. No need for costly training and familiarization projects to educate your teams in the use of the system.
Operate You get to this stage on day one and then through an iterative cycle, the functionality of Senseye is enrichened with more data and feedback.

The Senseye automated approach to prognostics and condition monitoring:

PROGNOSYS automatic prognostics and condition monitoring


Senseye has been developed to help remove the pain of traditional Condition Monitoring by combining its principals with the latest advances in machine learning, prognostics and artificial intelligence.

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